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11/12-05-2017 Webinars. RAIDIX Invites New Partners to Earn Some Extra Cash on SDS Storage


RAIDIX Invites New Partners to Earn Some Extra Cash on Software-Defined Data Storage

The RAIDIX team invites you to a webinar on May 11 or May 12 (depending on your time zone).

Sign up at http://webinar.raidix.com/ (check your time zone at www.timeanddate.com to be on the safe side)!

May 11: RAIDIX: Get Higher Margins with Software-Defined Data Storage

May 12: RAIDIX: Sign up as Partner – Boost Data Storage Revenues in LATAM

Just to recap a little, we are the guys who invented the fastest RAID library on the market and shipped tons of storage appliances to Hollywood and Bollywood studios, supercomputer clusters, city administrations, and enterprises all over the world. We also run co-branded solutions with AIC, Broadcom, HGST (WD), Intel, Panasonic, and other industry leaders.

RAIDIX is now looking to expand in the emerging markets, take new partners on board and show how Software-Defined Data Storage can benefit IT solution providers and system integrators.

Sign up to our ‘high-density’ webinar (just 30–40 minutes long) and learn how to:

  • Get higher margins with a RAIDIX-powered solution based on commodity hardware
  • Access to the RAIDIX deal registration program, volume discounts, and extended opportunities for growth
  • Deliver exactly what the customer needs in terms of $/GB, $/IOPs, business-critical tasks and fault-tolerance
  • Offer targeted technology to enterprise, M&E, HPC, CCTV – and other verticals.

An effective mix of technical and business content, this webinar will also give you a sneak peek into RAIDIX’s patented RAID models, fault-tolerance, smart algorithms, SSD caching, adaptive read-ahead, burst buffer, SAN storage virtualization – and more.

Here are the registration links:

May 11 (EURASIAN): http://webinar.raidix.com/110517

May 12 (AMERICAS): http://webinar.raidix.com/120517.

Tune in and sign up as a partner!