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19-09-2017 Webinar RAIDIX invites new partners: Building the global software-defined storage ecosystem


The Software-Defined Data Storage (SDS) vendor RAIDIX expands East and West, and invites new partners to join the RAIDIX club! Why sign up with RAIDIX?

Consider flexible COTS-based architecture, market-leading read/write performance on sequential workloads, solid project competencies in multiple verticals, universal compatibility, higher margins for system integrators, generous discounts and MDFs, deal protection and more!

What’s on the agenda?

  • The RAIDIX product: Real benefits and use cases;
  • What’s baking in R&D: Revamped SSD cache, adaptive read-ahead, burst buffer, SAN storage virtualization, and more;
  • Boost your profits with RAIDIX: How can you gain more with SDS?
  • Design your own data storage powered by RAIDIX;
  • Lead generation and co-marketing: Building the sales pipeline.

This online seminar targets the broad audience including system integrators, IT decision-makers, CIOs, storage specialists from all walks of life.

To sign up for the webinar, please visit: https://events.webinar.ru/3299603/570067