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High Performance
Data Storage Solution

RAIDIX builds on patented erasure coding methods and
innovative technology designed by the in-house research lab.

Brief overview

RAIDIX is a high-performance data storage system that ensures data integrity and fast workflows for data-intensive enterprises across the globe. Compatible with commodity-off-the-shelf server hardware, RAIDIX commits to resilient storage with high throughput, robust performance and low latency.

RAIDIX offers tailored solutions to Enterprise, Media & Entertainment, Video Surveillance, High-Performance Computing (HPC) and other data-rich industries.

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Recent news


RAIDIX’s Partner AC&NC Dubbed “Tzar of Storage”

In a recent print publication, the prestigious Pittsburgh Technology Council named Leyzarovich the “tzar of storage,” acknowledging AC&NC’s vast experience in design and implementation of complex storage systems, as well as an extensive customer list encompassing such top brands and organizations as Sony, Microsoft, Starbucks, NASA, Carnegie Mellon University, and Yale University.


RAIDIX Data Storage Ensures Fast Video Streaming in Fox Sports’ Coverage of Confederations Cup 2017

RAIDIX and a Russia-based system integrator OKNO-TV provided a comprehensive storage appliance to Fox Sports 1 to enable uninterrupted live streaming from the major Confederations Cup stadium in St Petersburg, Russia.


RAIDIX Invites New Partners to Increase Revenues with Software-Defined Data Storage

The data storage software vendor RAIDIX expands its partner network in Asia and Latin America

Recent events


22-06-2017 Webinar. RAIDIX and AC&NC: Cut your storage costs by 70 percent! Solutions and case studies

RAIDIX has partnered with AC&NC (JetStor) in the US for over five years. JetStor appliances powered by RAIDIX deliver peak IOPs and GB/s in data-intensive environments and post over 1,000+ implementations in North America and across the globe.


24-05-2017 Webinar. Raising the bar for performance: A comprehensive solution from ATTO Technology, Inc., Echostreams and RAIDIX

Learn about the benefits of software-defined technology built on Echostreams server hardware with ATTO host bus adapters and RAIDIX management software. We’ll share how to address your specific tasks and decrease total cost of ownership. Get this and much more from leading industry professionals.


19-05-2017 Webinar. RAIDIX and Primus IT: Accelerate the Post-Production Cycle with Fast Data Storage

Cutting edge storage technology to address 2K/4K/8K workloads, multi-terabyte files and high scalability requirements.

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