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High Performance
Data Storage Solution

RAIDIX builds on patented erasure coding methods and
innovative technology designed by the in-house research lab.


RAIDIX is a high-performance data storage system that ensures data integrity and fast workflows for data-intensive enterprises across the globe. Compatible with commodity-off-the-shelf server hardware, RAIDIX commits to resilient storage with high throughput, robust performance and low latency.

RAIDIX offers tailored solutions to Enterprise, Media & Entertainment, Video Surveillance, High-Performance Computing (HPC) and other data-rich industries.

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Don't miss out on RAIDIX events for partners and end customers! What's in there? Industry trends, new challenges, promising technologies, RAIDIX product news, partner news – and more. The RAIDIX experts share their vision of the data storage market and give recommendations for optimal storage configuration.

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RAIDIX Data Storage Expands on the Chinese Media & Entertainment Market

Cloud Descendant is a Chinese developer of professional video editing and grading appliances. The partner’s clientele encompasses Beijing Film Academy, TV channel France 2–Beijing, DMG Entertainment Media and other celebrated brands. In order to bolster throughput and multi-thread HD video processing, the company addressed the high-performance RAIDIX technology.


RAIDIX 4.6 ensures data integrity on power down

In version 4.6, the RAIDIX R&D implemented write-back cache protection leveraging non-volatile dual in-line memory (NVDIMM-N). RAIDIX-based systems prevent data loss in case of power down or other failures on the node. Unlike hardware controllers, NVDIMM does not require battery replacement, and data storage built on non-volatile memory does not require a second controller to ensure reliability.


RAIDIX and Media Wheels deliver peak GB/s in the MENA M&E market

The partner is a specialized IT solution provider in Media & Entertainment that delivers ultimate throughput to postproduction studios in the Middle East, Northern Africa, and beyond. The partner has added a RAIDIX-based appliance to its portfolio and presented a new software-defined solution to a wide range of media prospects.

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